Cat Inspect
Cat® Inspect allows you to access your equipment data on your mobile device. This easy-to-use app lets you capture inspection data and integrates with your other Cat data systems, so you can keep a close eye on your fleet. More than one million inspections are completed each year, providing convenience and accountability to equipment owners.
  • Choose from three types of inspections -
  1. Equipment Inspections - Search by family or serial number prefix
  2. Site inspections - Includes buildings, storage and contamination control
  3. S•O•S - View fluid analysis reports to better understand equipment condition
  • Create custom inspection forms
  • Use for both Cat equipment and equipment from other manufacturers
  • Save images, videos and comments
  • Assign inspections to team members
  • Evaluate results from colleagues - online, anytime
  • View, retain and print real-time inspection information
  • Use Cat Inspect Web, the companion web application for Cat Inspect when working from your personal computer (PC)
  • Quickly identify actionable items with Red, Yellow, Green, or Gray ratings
  • Integrate with VisionLink® for a view of the inspections for your full fleet