CEAT Agricultural Tyres

CEAT Limited is one of India's leading tire manufacturers. Established in 1958, CEAT is a part of RPG Enterprises, which is among the top 5 business houses in India.

CEAT's turnover for the year 2013-14 stands at USD 1 billion.

CEAT's export business had a robust performance with turnover of USD 227 million

Established in 1924 in Turin, Italy, CEAT has come a long way since. The company journeyed to India in 1958, and later became part of the RPG Group. One of the top business conglomerates in India, the RPG group has a turnover of 3 billion USD. Today, CEAT is one of India’s leading tire manufacturers, with a global footprint spanning over 120 countries. CEAT became the first tire company in the world, outside of Japan, to be awarded the prestigious Deming Prize. One of the oldest and most respected quality awards in the world, the Deming Prize awards companies that achieve business transformation through total quality management.


CEAT Specialty is CEAT’s division for off-highway (OTR) and agricultural tires, with a brand-new plant focused on agricultural radials. CEAT Specialty tires traverse a wide range of segments from tires for farming, mining, industrial and construction equipment, to earthmovers, and special application off-road tires.

Tyres Types

Industrial Tires 

Forklift tires in CEAT international tires forklifts, which are characterized by a durable structure, provide improved traction performance during heavy service, and ensure improved stability and long service life , it’s divided into two parts 

  1. Solid 
  2. Pneumatic 

Agriculture Tires

Manufactured CEAT pneumatic rubber tires to avoid the defects of iron wheels, so the use of rubber wheels became many features including less soil compaction, Its use results in lower fuel consumption 

And there are types of it Radial , Bias and we have two type of grooves


Constriction Tires

CEAT manufactured also includes constriction tire casing incorporates fabric of polyester, nylon or rayon cords within the casing rubber compound And there are different types of it

  1. Radial,
  2. Bias 

Special port application

Port tires belong to off-road tires, applicable to large tonnage forklifts, stacking machines, front suspension, and other port equipment, strong structure, beads for special treatment, support ability to strengthen, low temperature, tread wide use of surface. Block to deepen the pattern, with excellent grip force, braking performance, stability under load, and excellent operating safety. High wear-resistant tread compound, good wear performance, longer tire life. Good air tightness, and can be classified into two types in terms of 

  1. Tubeless 
  2. Tube type