966 GC
The new Cat® 966 GC Wheel Loader is easy to own and operate. It offers low fuel consumption with an on-demand fan, load-sensing hydraulics, intuitive controls and performance series buckets. This machine is built to be just the right machine for a broad range of applications. Great machine performance combined with the low owning and operating costs makes the 966 GC the right choice for your business.
Net Power - ISO 9249
263 HP
Engine Model
Cat C9.3B
5.87 in
Net Power - ISO 9249
263 HP
Engine Model
Cat C9.3B
5.87 in
568 in³
Rated Net Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 9249
263 HP
Rated Gross Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 14396
294 HP
Max Net Torque - 1,200 rpm - ISO 14396
1233 ft·lbf
Bore - ISO 9249
4.53 in
Max Gross Power - 1,600 rpm - ISO 14396
321 HP
Max Gross Torque - 1,200 rpm - ISO 14396
1312 ft·lbf
Operating Weight
47569 lb
Bucket Capacities
3.8-7.1 m³ (5.0-9.25 yd³)
Operating Weight
47569 lb
Breakout Force
36869 lbf
Note (1)
For 4.0 m³ (5.2 yd³) general purpose bucket with BOCE.
Note (3)
**Compliance to ISO 14397-1:2007 Sections 1 thru 5.
Note (2)
*Full compliance to ISO 14397-1:2007 Sections 1 thru 6, which requires 2% verification between calculations and testing.
Tipping Load - Full Turn - Rigid Tires**
32117 lb
Tipping Load - Full Turn - ISO 14397-1:2007*
29970 lb
With Cooling Fan Speed at Maximum Value - Operator Sound Pressure Level (ISO 6396:2008)
75 dB(A)
Note (2)
**European Union Directive “2000/14/EC” as amended by “2005/88/EC.”
Note (1)
*For machines in European Union countries and in countries that adopt the “EU Directives.”
With Cooling Fan Speed at Maximum Value - Exterior Sound Power Level (ISO 6395:2008)
110 dB(A)
With Cooling Fan Speed at 70% of Maximum Value - Operator Sound Pressure Level (ISO 6396:2008)*
75 dB(A)
With Cooling Fan Speed at 70% of Maximum Value - Exterior Sound Power Level*
108 LWA**
Forward - 1
4 mile/h
Forward - 2
7.5 mile/h
Forward - 3
13 mile/h
Forward - 4
21.6 mile/h
Reverse - 1
4.3 mile/h
Reverse - 2
8.2 mile/h
Reverse - 3
14.3 mile/h
Reverse - 4
22.9 mile/h
Note (1)
Maximum travel speeds (26.5R25 tires).
Note (2)
Maximum travel speed in standard vehicle with empty bucket and standard L3 tires with 825 mm (32.5 in) roll radius.
Differential - Final Drives - Front
15.1 gal (US)
Fuel Tank
84.5 gal (US)
6.6 gal (US)
Cooling System
14 gal (US)
14.5 gal (US)
Differential - Final Drives - Rear
15.1 gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank
31.7 gal (US)
Steering System - Pump Type
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Raise from Carry Position
6.5 s
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Total Cycle Time
12 s
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Dump, at Maximum Raise
2.7 s
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Lower, Empty, Float Down
2.8 s
Implement System - Maximum Operating Pressure
4047 psi
Implement System - Maximum Flow 3rd Function
85 gal/min
Implement System - Maximum Operating Pressure 3rd Function
3408 psi
Implement System - Maximum Flow - 2,200 rpm
85 gal/min
Choices include: Triangle 26.5-25 20PR L3 (TL612); Triangle 26.5R25, L3 (TB516); Maxam 26.5R25, L3 (MS302); Bridgestone 26.5R25, L3 (VJT); Maxam 26.5R25, L5 (MS503); Bridgestone 26.5R25, L5 (VSDT); Triangle 26.5R25, L5 (TL538S+)
ROPS/FOPS meet ISO 3471:2008 and ISO 3449:2005 Level II standards
Brakes meet ISO 3450:2011 standards
Lift Arm Clearance
12.16 ft
B-Pin Height
14 ft
Centerline of Rear Axle to Edge of Counterweight
8 ft
Height - Top of ROPS
11.75 ft
Height - Top of Exhaust Pipe
11.61 ft
Height - Top of Hood
9.2 ft
Ground Clearance
1.49 ft
Wheel Base
11.65 ft
Centerline of Rear Axle to Hitch
5.82 ft
Rack Back - Maximum Lift
62 °
Rack Back - Carry
50 °
Rack Back - Ground
42 °
  • Cat C9.3B engine offers high power density with a combination of proven and improved electronic, fuel, and air systems.
  • Engine meets China Nonroad Stage III and Brazil MAR-1 emission standards, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIA.
  • Thorough component choice, design and in-machine validation processes result in excellent reliability and uptime.
  • Advansys™ GET system features stronger adapters; tips with a new shape to better protect the adapter and an integrated retainer.
  • The proven Cat Z-bar linkage geometry with Performance Series Buckets offer excellent penetration into the pile and high breakout forces. This results in low fuel consumption and exceptional production capabilities.
  • Cat designed, electronically controlled, automatic powershift heavy duty planetary transmission features shift protection and single clutch gear shifting for efficiency, durability, and smooth gear changes.
  • Optional Fusion™ quick-coupler and third hydraulic function can make the machine a versatile tool carrier for buckets, grapples or forks.
  • Engine Idle Management System (EIMS) reduces idle RPM and fuel consumption.
  • Variable speed fan adjusts to meet the varying cooling requirements of the machine resulting in a reduced average fan speed and lowered fuel consumption, noise levels, and radiator plugging.
  • Load sensing hydraulics produce flow and pressure for the implement system upon demand and only in amounts necessary to perform the needed work functions.
  • The spacious cab features easy, intuitive controls and excellent visibility which provides a comfortable working environment for efficient operation.
  • A comfortable cloth covered suspension (mechanical) seat is standard, an optional air suspended seat is available.
  • Pilot-operated hydraulic implement controls deliver comfortable, low-effort operation. Two single-axis levers or one joystick are available. Both arrangements are equipped with kick-down switches.
  • Unmatched viewing area with a wide, flat, and distortion-free front windshield.
  • The glass stretches to the floor of the cab for excellent visibility to the bucket and front tires.
  • Sliding side windows on both sides allow natural ventilation and easy communication to ground staff.
  • The cab roof has channels which direct rain off the corners of the cab, keeping windows clear.
  • Air conditioning and heating systems are standard. Ten louvered vents allow the operator to direct the air flow to remain productive and efficient all shift long.
  • Optional windshield guard.
  • Ladders are standard on both sides of the machine; the main cab access features a 15-degree angle to easily access the operator environment.
  • Steps are equipped with hand and/or guardrails to safely access the cab and maintenance points of the machine.
  • The main cab door opens to the front and provides wide access to the operator environment.
  • Front and back wipers ensure that a clear view is maintained.
  • External rearview mirrors with integrated spot mirrors are standard.
  • A rear vision camera is standard to enhance visibility behind the machine.
  • Grouped service points and sight gauges allow for easy daily maintenance.
  • Convenient access to left, right, and rear of engine compartment provides excellent serviceability.
  • Electrical service center, along with additional key serviceability features, help make servicing and in-field component exchange quick, easy, and efficient.
  • A rear swing-up grill gives easy cleaning access to the cooling cores.
  • Hinged wheel guards are easy to remove/re-install providing wide access to all maintenance points and to the engine compartment.
  • Optional power train bottom guard protects the machine against damage to reduced downtime.
  • Optional Cat Autolube system provides full lube system monitoring and diagnostic test visibility. One-button control, including fault flash function.
  • Caterpillar design and manufacturing techniques assure outstanding service life.
  • On-the-go weighing** for precise load targets with proven accuracy, flexible installation, and easy calibration and setup.
  • Brings payload weighing to the cab so operators can work more productively and deliver consistently accurate loads.
  • Increases productivity, weighing while lifting with no interruptions in loading cycle.
  • High efficiency: load to exact specification, load more trucks faster, and move more material for more revenue.
  • Improve efficiency with less rework; save time, labor, fuel, and costs.
  • Simple installation.
*Not available in all markets
**Not legal for trade