Cat® Detect with Surround Cameras
The Cat® Detect with Surround Camera system uses three or four cameras and an in-cab display to give operators a view of their surroundings. It's an effective way to increase safety at the site.
  • Cameras increase awareness of potential blind spots and jobsite activities.
  • Machine movement prompts front and rear cameras to show optimal views on the display.​
  • The in-cab display connects to the cameras through harnessing. The high-definition, touchscreen display shows real-time camera feed from all cameras.
  • The Surround Camera system provides operators with simultaneous, top-down views from the front, rear, left and right cameras.
  • When the machine is in reverse, the rear camera view is shown on the display. At all other times, the front camera view is displayed.
  • The display allows for simple configuration and customization to get the most desired view possible.​
  • On the right side of the in-cab display, the monitor shows top-down views of the front, rear, left and right cameras.
  • The left side of the display shows a dedicated camera view that will automatically be determined by machine movement.
  • The operator can configure the monitor to show the dedicated camera view at full screen. They also have the option to display the side camera views on the left side of the monitor — except when the machine is in reverse.
  • The Surround Camera system can be installed on any machine with a 12V or 24V system and all brands of equipment — ideal for Cat or mixed fleets.
  • Talk to your Cat dealer for more information and how to order the Cat® Detect with Surround Camera system for your equipment.