Cat Steer Assist for Dozers
Cat® Steer Assist for Dozers automates multiple steering functions to help make operation easier. Increase productivity with less effort, resulting in greater efficiency and reduced operator fatigue. ​
  • Steer Assist automates track steering with light and heavy loads​.
  • Automates blade tilt steering to help push heavy loads with less effort​.
  • Helps reduce operator inputs by up to 75% by automatically maintaining straight travel with light loads on flat ground and side slopes.​
  • Operators of various skill levels can use Steer Assist to push light and heavy loads more effectively.​
  • Steer Assist 3D enables machines to automatically follow guidance lines from site design plans (or Infield designs) under light or heavy loads.​
  • Helps to more accurately cut or spread material with precise steering to an edge, toe, crown, etc.​
  • Reduces the number of passes with precise pass-to-pass overlap.​
  • Increase heavy dozing productivity by using AutoCarry, Traction Control, Cat Grade with 3D, and Steer Assist 3D using blade tilt steering, especially for less experienced operators.

*Steer Assist 3D requires Grade with 3D to enable.
Steer Assist activation​:
1. Use machine monitor to toggle on feature
2. Shift into forward or reverse​
3. Steer to desired heading​
4. Release steering command to maintain desired heading​

Steer Assist 3D activation​:
1. Use machine monitor to toggle on feature
2. Use grade monitor to load grade design and select guidance line​
3. Shift into forward​
4. Push left button on the right joystick to engage AUTO mode​
5. Move blade tip to within capture range​
6. Release steering command​
  • Operators can take manual control of the machine steering or blade to temporarily override Steer Assist. When the operator is no longer giving a manual command, control is given back to Steer Assist.
  • Blade Steer is used to steer with blade tilt commands under heavy loads (on/off).​
  • Reverse Guidance Mode is used to set reverse travel behavior in Steer Assist 3D (two choices):​
- Straight Line keeps the machine traveling straight ​
- Grade Line enables machine to follow grade design guidance lines
  • Capture Range is used to adjust the distance from the guidance line to begin automatic steering in Steer Assist 3D (range is 0.1-10.0 m [3.9 in-32.8 ft]).​
  • Auto/Manual Joystick Button is used to set how Grade Control and Steer Assist 3D are changed between AUTO state and MANUAL state (two choices):​
- Linked for a short press to change both Grade Control and Steer Assist 3D state
- Unlinked for a short press to change Grade Control state and a long press to change Steer Assist 3D state
  • Steer Assist is compatible with all D5 and D7 dozers, plus D6/D6 XE models with serial numbers 1000+. Consult with your Cat dealer for more information and to order. ​

Steer Assist:​
- Included in factory-installed Attachment Ready Option (ARO) with Assist package​, along with Cat Grade with Slope Assist™, Stable Blade, Blade Load Monitor, Traction Control, AutoCarry, and Slope Indicate.
- No charge upgrade with software updates​

Steer Assist 3D:​
- Included with factory-installed Cat Grade with 3D (starting in 2023)​
- Available as a software upgrade for machines with Grade with 3D (Part Number 617-8509)​
- Available as a software upgrade for machines with Trimble Earthworks (Part Number 617-8509)​
- No additional hardware required​