Cat Slope Assist for Dozers
Cat® Grade with Slope Assist™ for Dozers makes just about any dozing job faster and easier. The system maintains blade cross slope and/or mainfall for better surface quality, even with a less experienced operator.
  • Cat Grade with Slope Assist makes just about any dozer job faster and easier – build pads, spread truck dumps, build slopes/embankments, and much more.
  • Maintains blade cross slope and/or mainfall for better surface quality – even with a less experienced operator.
  • Finish jobs up to 39% faster, with fewer passes, up to 82% fewer operator inputs, and less rework.
  • No base station, GPS, laser, or additional hardware is required to use Slope Assist. Nothing to remove from the machine at the end of the day.
  • Slope Assist features a large, intuitive interface to help operators easily access design plans.
  • Slope Assist works seamlessly alongside 3D GPS systems for transitions, cleanup, and simple design plans or changes, even in areas where GPS signal may be lost/unavailable.
  • Slope Assist is a simple, built-in blade control system used for most dozer work.
  • Basic and advanced modes allow operators to customize features and maximize productivity.
  • Slope Assist lets operators control mainfall and cross slope separately or simultaneously.
  • Easily switch between manual and automatic mode with the push of a button.
  • Change blade position at any time – release control and the dozer maintains its new blade position.
  • Accurate to within 1% of mainfall/blade cross slope. *
  • Onboard HELP and detailed instructions are easily accessible right on the machine display.

    *May vary based on measure-up, material, application, machine model.
  • 2D Blade Control built in at the factory—components are integrated into the dozer for optimal performance.
  • Slope Assist sensors are incorporated into the blade to protect components and increase durability.
  • No slope angle indicator needed— mainfall slope and blade cross slope show right on the main display.
  • Slope Assist is supported by your Cat dealer and/or SITECH® technology partner.
  • Basic Mode – Push the "auto" button on the joystick, move the blade to the desired position, and Slope Assist maintains that position.
  • Mainfall – Automatically lift or lower blade to maintain desired slope.
  • Blade Cross Slope – Automatically tilt blade to maintain desired blade cross slope.
  • Advanced Mode – Control to a predefined mainfall and/or cross slope.
  • Recall Value – Place and control blade to consistent value with each auto initiation.
  • Swap Slope – Reverse slope values when changing directions.
  • Match Slope – Put the blade on the ground and push a button to match recall value to the existing slope.
  • Increment/Decrement – Joystick buttons adjust mainfall or blade cross slope away from corresponding recall value.